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Nathalie Brunel-Rol

A French-Brazilian citizen (born in Brazil, bred in the south of France) I lived in Japan and eventually settled in Paris where I have been living for more than 10 years now. After graduating from a Parisian Business Scool, I became familiar with the worlds of ready-to-wear clothing and luxury goods through my experience in the finance sector. As an art collector and passionate lover of architecture, I decided to leave my position as a consultant to lauch the Galerie Lyncée with a view to combine art and high-end fashion to present the work of some of the most talented French avant-garde designers.

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Aurore Jaffuel

An engineer and doctor, I am graduated of the Institute of Analytical Sciences of Lyon. I observe the world of the industry on a very particular scale : the molecule. I live and work in Kyoto (Japan).

I am concerned by the impact on health of pervasive toxic products in our environment, especially in the clothes we wear and I am interested in sustainable development. It is convinced that the upgrading of the know-how and the crafts of French art answers the double stake of an economic growth and the protection of the material, natural, cultural and social conditions that I am today involved in the Galerie Lyncée.

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